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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chamber of Commerce Vows to ‘Ramp Up’ Political Activity

Mr. Donohue, who has clashed repeatedly with the White House since Mr. Obama took office, accused the president and the vice president of operating without fact. In the strongly worded letter, Mr. Donohue made it clear that he intended to give no quarter.

“It’s sad to watch the White House stoop to these depths to try to salvage an election,” he wrote. “That’s clearly what this is all about. The administration and its Congressional allies are desperately trying to change the subject away from our stalled economy and nearly double-digit unemployment.”

In the letter, Mr. Donohue used the administration’s latest attack on the chamber as evidence of the need for continued opposition to the policies of Mr. Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress.

He promised that the group would “not be deterred” from participation in the political process.
“In fact, for the next three weeks leading up to Election Day you will see us ramp up efforts to educate voters about the positions of candidates of both parties who are committed to free enterprise and economic growth,” Mr Donohue wrote. (Full story at NYT)

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