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Friday, October 29, 2010

Meek: It was Crist who asked me to quit

Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek said it was Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and not former President Bill Clinton who asked him to end his Senate bid in Florida.

Meek talked Friday about the issue during an interview with CNN's "American Morning."

Meek denied published reports that Clinton had tried to persuade him to drop out of the race because he might steal votes from Crist.

Crist is running for the Senate as an independent. Meek and Crist are in a race with Republican Marco Rubio.

"He never asked me to get out of the race. I never told him I was getting out of the race," Meek said, referring to Clinton. "Gov. Crist talked to me about getting out of the race. I recommend to the governor that he should consider getting out of the race."

The allegations bubbled up Thursday when Crist, the Republican-turned-independent Senate candidate, said he spoke with Meek and "several people" at the White House about having Meek step out of the race. (Continues here)

1 comment:

Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Amazing to me, really... how NPR is pushing the "Bill Clinton asked Meeks to quit" meme.

What's in it for them?