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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Over 800 readers react to Robinson's article calling Tea Partiers racists

Eugene Robinson thinks Tea Party members are racists. Here are some of the comments from readers at his Washington Post article:

Snuffy123 wrote:
I'm not racist. I disagree with Obama's white half, too.
fnelowet1 wrote:
Who knew Obama was black back in '08 when we all voted for him?
Gene, I'm sorry, but Dude, but it's time for an intervention! You can't live on Kool Aid!
OttoDog wrote:
You're SOOOOO predictable, Eugene. News flash: The "Race Card" isn't accepted most place anymore.
epmurphy wrote:
A very angry and racist column...
Illini wrote:
This column is so wrong its laughable. The Tea Party was a reaction to Obama's race? Hardly. Let's play counterfactual - if Hillary Clinton had been elected president and pursued the same course of action as Obama - overloaded stimulus, takeover of GM, massive healthcare bill - the exact same Tea Party reaction would have occurred. Its the spending, stupid!
jillbo18 wrote:
Americans certainly can't be upset at Obama because he's an incompetent, naive, communist. Its because he's Black. Well I've got news, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Barney Frank,and Grayson, to name a few, I hate ever bit as much as Obama, and none of them are Black

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