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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rangel faces censure

If censured, Rangel would be the 23rd House member to face that punishment - and the first in 27 years.
While not as severe as expulsion, a censured lawmaker faces the humiliating prospect of having to stand before Congress and listen mutely as the House speaker reads him the riot act.
Had Rangel been reprimanded, he would have gotten a letter in the mail advising him of his wrongdoing - a relative slap on the wrist by comparison. (Continues here)

NY Post:
Rep. Charles Rangel's landlord provided him and other prominent Harlemites with below-market rental apartments as part of an insider "friends and family incentives" program to boost the image of the housing complex, according to a bombshell memo released as part of the congressman's ethics trial. 

NY Times:
In a proceeding that began at noon, the committee’s counsel, R. Blake Chisam, who acted as prosecutor in the case, recommended that Mr. Rangel be censured, a stronger punishment than a reprimand but well short of expulsion. Mr. Rangel responded with a rambling statement. The committee — four Republicans and four Democrats — went into private deliberation at 1:30.

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