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Friday, December 10, 2010

Laid off Dem staffers: "Republicans have always been better at taking care of their people."

Some of the 2,000 or so Democratic staffers on Capitol Hill who are losing their jobs in the coming weeks as a result of November's "Great Shellacking" are angry at President Obama's White House for not helping them find new jobs.

Worse, they remember that in 2006, when the Republicans lost the Hill and GOP aides were in the same fix, the George W. Bush White House tried hard to place them in administration positions.

One Republican, a displaced House aide who found a fine administration job in 2006, recalled that a week or two after the election, "we got sent a link to submit resumes to White House office of presidential personnel."

And Liza Wright, the head of that office at the time, said Thursday that "we set up a series of job fairs at the Republican National Committee for all staffers" looking for work and even had some agency officials there to talk with them about possibilities.

But that's not happening this time. Two senior Democratic House aides - neither of whom is in danger of pounding the pavement - said they have been calling the White House trying to find jobs for their less fortunate junior colleagues but are not having much luck.

"They have not called us," one of them said. And both Democrats ruefully concluded that "Republicans have always been better at taking care of their people."   (Continues)


Janis said...

I've always said that the biggest difference between Repubs and Dems is that the Pubs know who's on what team. The Dems can't tell. Hence the insane issue at the moment of a Dem president scolding his own side while bending over for the other guys. A Pub would never have done that, not even at gunpoint.

Pubs know who's a shirt and who's a skin. Dems pretend they can't tell the difference, and they blow it every single time.

rashid1891 said...

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