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Monday, January 10, 2011

Does the media remember this image of violence against Palin?

NYC Museum Exhibit 'Pokes Fun' at Palin

The art called a "Photo Op with Sarah Palin" features cardboard cutouts of Palin and her daughter Piper are set against a mountain, with the Alaska governor kneeling behind a slain caribou.
Tuesday, October 7, 2008
By Paul Westcott National Correspondent

Visitors can don a fake-fur vest and hold a cardboard rifle to pose with the vice-presidential candidate and her daughter.
The artwork called "A Photo Op with Sarah Palin" opened last month at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.
Artist Dawn Robyn Petrlik says humor is sometimes the best way to deal with serious issues like images of the governor celebrating her kill. The artist says the sight bothers her and clashes with Palin's "pro-life stance."
The piece costs $12,500, but getting a picture taken is free.


A mannequin dressed to resemble the Alaska governor, with her trademark beehive hairdo and glasses, was hung by the neck from the eaves of the home in famously liberal West Hollywood.
On the roof, a mannequin of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, protruded from the chimney surrounded in flames, holding his head as he was apparently burned alive.

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