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Thursday, January 6, 2011

John Edwards engaged to Rielle Hunter

Former presidential candidate John Edwards is engaged to longtime mistress Rielle Hunter, according to a report.

The Jan. 17 issue of the National Enquirers says that the ex-North Carolina senator asked the mother of his lovechild to marry him only three weeks after burying his wife, Elizabeth, who died from cancer. The couple is said to be tying the knot some time this summer.

A copy of Elizabeth Edwards’ last will and testament made public on Wednesday left all her possessions to their three children - Cate, Emma Claire and Jack - and included no mention of John, her husband of 33 years.

“Heartless cheater defies Elizabeth’s dying wish,” screams a line on the supermarket tab’s cover. Below that: “Rielle tells his two young kids: ‘CALL ME MOMMY!”
An Edwards’ spokeswoman declined to comment and Hunter’s lawyer didn’t immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

“I do know that I love him and that love is till death do us part, and probably beyond,” Hunter recently told GQ magazine. “We have a child together, so at the very least we will be co-parents together.”

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Janis said...

Now, there's a match made in purgatory. I can't think of two people better suited to one another. Well, maybe Nero and Poppea.