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Friday, February 25, 2011

Administration can't even spell “Libya”

Go Figure: Obama White House Can't Spell "Libya"


Well, I may now know why President Obama took so long to talk about the revolts in Libya: his advisors and press people simply cannot spell the country's name.  I mean, it's five whole letters!  No one can figure that out:

Some no-name on Twitter with almost no ability to read (possibly the majority of Twitter users) may have an excuse to misspell a country's name in northern Africa.

But the official twitter feed from the White House?  With exactly 1,973,629 followers:

And I'm sure that there are literally dozens of people who work this, mostly with the sole purpose of making President Obama look as great as possible.  No, there's no excuse.

But then again, President Obama may just be tired from touring all 57 states. (Continues here at Pundit Press)

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