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Sunday, February 6, 2011

SoHo-based nonprofit funded by US, UK and Pepsi, fomenting revolt in Egypt

It's Revolution U.

A SoHo-based nonprofit is fomenting revolt in Egypt and turning Third World activists into tech-savvy rebels by teaching them to use social media to peacefully overthrow corrupt regimes.

he Alliance for Youth Movements is run by 20- and 30-something Internet execs and has already held three international conferences to arm these cyber Che Guevaras, including members of the Egyptian opposition.

And the US and British governments -- as well as Pepsi -- are footing the bill, The Post has learned. The State Department kicked in $220,000 toward the group in 2009, the UK gave $350,000, and Pepsi gave $20,000, according to the organization's tax filings.

The money went to organize conferences where hundreds of activists from around the globe networked and got tips on how to use the Internet to get their messages across.

Among those invited to the group's 2008 conference at Columbia University was a member of Egypt's April 6 group, which is at the forefront of the current protests.

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