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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leadership is about being decisive. Obama is no leader.

Even before the U.N. passed its resolution authorizing any means necessary to prevent Gadaffi from killing his own people in response to the rebel uprising, French president Sarkozy had ordered French fighter jets into Libya.

Soon after the resolution was announced Canada announced that it was sending 12 fighter jets to Italy which it would use as a base to launch sorties into Libya.

Obama, who had waffled for weeks over Libya went to Brazil on a trade mission as the bombing started and announced that he supported the no fly resolution and signed off on American cruise missiles being used to take out air defense targets inside Libya.

But Sarkozy's actions underscored an American president who at his core is indecisive about everything largely because there are no convictions or guiding principles on which he acts.

There have been whispers that the United States was largely left out of the debate over what to do about Libya and wasn't even consulted by either Sarkozy or David Cameron of the UK and that the decision to intervene in Libya and to use military force was made by Sarkozy and Cameron without consultation with Obama or Hillary Clinton. (Continue reading here)

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