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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Palin Film received enthusiastic reception from conservatives at first public screening

MINNEAPOLIS — A documentary portraying mainstream Republican leaders as villains and Sarah Palin as an inspirational heroine for the Tea Party received an enthusiastic reception from grass-roots conservatives at the film’s first public screening here on Friday night.

“The Undefeated,” an unapologetically partisan documentary meant to advocate for Ms. Palin’s potential candidacy for president, makes the case that she was the original Tea Party inspiration. It will make its premiere in Iowa in a couple of weeks but was shown to several hundred activists attending Right Online, a convention of conservative bloggers.

The two-hour film does not spare usual conservative targets like the news media and the Democratic party. But it is establishment Republican leaders — portrayed as toothless bystanders while Ms. Palin was attacked during her vice-presidential run in 2008 — who receive special scorn.

Ms. Palin represents “an existential threat” to them, Andrew Breitbart, the flame-throwing conservative blogger, says in the documentary, and he goes on to compare the party’s establishment to “eunuchs.” (Continues here at NYT)

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