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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Obama campaign asking donors to drive conservative friends nuts

Do you wish you had more partisan bickering in your family heading into the holidays? The Obama campaign is here to help.

In a fundraising note to supporters, deputy campaign manager Julianna Smoot on Tuesday suggested making a donation “inspired by your favorite conservative friend or relative,” especially if that person is fond of spreading right-wing chatter about the president.

Donors can alert their conservative friends to the contributions, or simply let them know “someone” has given money to Obama on their behalf. “It will drive them nuts!” Smoot wrote.

Twisting the knife further, she suggested supporters should watch their Republican friends go through the primary process and “kindly remind them we have our candidate, and we’re proud of it.”

“If you like this idea, take it to the next level. Tell your conservative friends you’re going to donate $3 to the President’s campaign every time they say something outrageous. It’ll be fun,” Smoot concluded.

Merry Christmas, indeed! See the full e-mail after the jump:

Know someone on Facebook or Twitter who, day after day, populates your feed with the latest right-wing talk-radio chatter? Or your cousin who won’t stop forwarding those chain email hoaxes? 
It can be frustrating.
So what do you do about it? You can go round and round in circles arguing with them — or you can have a little fun and make them pay. Literally. (Continues here)

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