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Friday, January 6, 2012

Republican race makes Palin look even better

IS THE ONLY Republican with even a remote chance of challenging President Barack Obama this November sitting smugly in her Alaska home watching a primary race that looks more like a donkey basketball game?

Several times over the past six months, I have said that Sarah Palin is looking better and better all the time. But those words were never more prophetic than now.

The GOP just doesn't have a viable candidate in this presidential race. That is becoming more obvious with each passing day.

Every month there seems to be another front-runner who only fades as time passes. Mitt Romney. Rick Perry. Herman Cain. Newt Gingrich. Now the Iowa caucuses have sent Rick Santorum to the forefront--or thereabouts.

Mitt Romney is a nice guy with great hair but the personality of a wet dishrag. Even with his deep pockets he couldn't buy Iowa.

Rick Perry's claim to fame is the fact that his state, Texas, executes more prisoners than any other in America--or most foreign countries.

Newt Gingrich wasn't even organized enough to get his name on the Virginia primary ballot. He hasn't changed much from his days in Congress.

Ron Paul patrols left field and has the endorsement of marijuana advocates and the girls at Nevada's Bunny Ranch brothel (no joke).

As for Rick Santorum, nobody even knew he was running until he stepped out of an Iowa cornfield.

Donald Trump? Well, should we even go there? Herman Cain, who suspended his campaign, is a man with a ton of female baggage who couldn't deliver the pizza and eventually dropped out of the race.

Michele Bachmann, who dropped out after the Iowa caucuses, represents the tea party, from which most mainstream Republicans are distancing themselves. She's way out there in right field.

Let's be realistic.

So, my Republican friends, that is the presidential material you have to choose from. Can you look at those names and honestly tell me that Sarah Palin wouldn't be a more viable GOP candidate than anyone on that list? The knock on Palin, of course, is that she is not very smart. Listen, I think that a woman who has gotten as far as she has must have a lot of savvy.

Besides, during some of the GOP debates last fall, Perry and Cain made her look like a Rhodes Scholar.  (Continues here)

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