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Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama’s Entry Into the Trayvon Case

President Obama, under pressure from black leaders who represent his most important political base, changed his mind today and waded into the Trayvon Martin killing.

In doing so, he probably satisfied is own need to express outrage and appeased a growing clamor for him to say something. But in doing so he has prejudiced the case and allowed political and personal considerations to trump his solemn duty as leader of the nation and chief enforcer of its laws.

There are many issues that need to be resolved with respect to the Trayvon case. It’s early, and we don’t have all the facts, and unexpected twists always occur in cases like this.

Law enforcement authorities must investigate whether an innocent unarmed African American boy was killed because of racial profiling. And they must investigate why police released the shooter, Robert Zimmerman, after only a short while, and didn’t test him for drugs or alcohol.

A terrible crime may have been committed. But the shooter claims self defense. And we are innocent in this country until proven guilty.  (Continues)

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