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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Democratic Voting Enthusiasm Down Sharply

Democratic Voting Enthusiasm Down Sharply From 2004, 2008

Republicans more enthusiastic than in 2008

by Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup:
PRINCETON, NJ -- Democrats are significantly less likely now (39%) than they were in the summers of 2004 and 2008 to say they are "more enthusiastic about voting than usual" in the coming presidential election. Republicans are more enthusiastic now than in 2008, and the same as in 2004.

These results are based on a July 19-22 USA Today/Gallup poll. They suggest a shift in Republicans' and Democrats' orientation to voting in the coming presidential election compared with the last two, with Republicans expressing more voting enthusiasm. The current 51% to 39% Republican advantage in voter enthusiasm is slightly larger than the 53% to 45% GOP advantage Gallup measured in February of this year.  (Continues)

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