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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Detroit News: Palin brings positive energy, message to tea party faithful

Belleville — Former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin told an energized crowd of supporters Saturday to keep up hope going into the election season.

"I don't want you to be bummed, I don't want you to lose courage and I don't want you to lose hope and faith that things can be turned around, though the challenges do seem daunting," Palin told a cheering crowd of at least 400 strong gathered at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. "We must not lose our sense of optimism."

Palin's address rounded out a day of speeches from tea party and conservatives in politics, religion and the media, hosted by the Michigan branch of Americans for Prosperity and the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus.

Speakers took to a stage laid out in front of rows of people sitting in folding and beach chairs. Many brought umbrellas to escape the heat of the sun.

But the enthusiasm of the crowds could not be compared to when Palin appeared shortly before 4 p.m. Dozens ran to the stage to get close enough to snap a picture. Supporters screamed "You go girl!" and "Palin for Energy Secretary."

"It's just the energy she brings," said Donna Kreuger. Gesturing toward the enthusiastic crowd surrounding Palin, she said: "Four years later and look what's happening look what she's driving."
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