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Friday, July 27, 2012

Piers Morgan on Romney: “He was just speaking the truth"

CNN host Piers Morgan appeared on his network with Brooke Baldwin on Thursday where he talked about his interview with Mitt and Ann Romney. Prior to playing clips of the interview, Morgan was asked about Romney’s comments to NBC where he wondered if London was up to the security challenges that the Olympics will pose. The comments drew sharp criticism from some members of the British press corps. But Morgan shocked when he defended Romney’s comments saying that the presumptive Republican nominee was “absolutely right” to question whether the U.K. was ready for the Olympics.  (More)

Extra troops called in as questions are raised over G4S trainee exams for X-ray machines

G4S staff training to operate X-ray scanners at Olympics 'were given numerous chances to pass test'

G4S chairman admits firm could miss out on public sector contracts following Olympic security debacle

An additional 1,200 troops will be deployed at the Olympics amid continued concern of the security staffing of beleaguered firm G4S.

Ministers today took the decision to call up the 1,200 troops who were on standby last week, as the crisis surrounding G4S deepened just three days before the London 2012 opening ceremony.

The military is already plugging the gap left by G4S with 3,500 troops after the security firm admitted two weeks ago it could not provide its 10,400 contracted guards. (Continues)


CNN anchor Piers Morgan doubled down on his criticism yesterday of the press’ reaction to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s expressing concern over London’s security preparedness. Morgan said that what Romney described as being “disconcerting” was merely an echoing local concerns about the security situation, which the British press had been describing as a “shambles” for weeks. He went on to say that turning on Romney for saying what everyone knew was true made him “feel a bit sorry” for Romney and added that he felt it was a typical British response to foreign criticism. (More)

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