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Monday, July 2, 2012

Rep. Waxman (D-CA): “The economy has not recovered… I think it’s a depression.”

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Alessandro Machi said...

The reason that the elite are getting away without mass rioting is that people in general have more to still lose than they did during the depression.

If not for the high interest rate charges on consumer debt high, the economy would actually mend.

Instead, that well over 3 trillion in consumer debt, (written off consumer debt is not being counted by the government, which claims that consumer debt is around 2 trillion, but it is actually 3 trillion overall since written off debt gets converted to court sanctioned debt and is still a debt).

Obama is a banker, letting the bankers squeeze out consumer wealth as fast as possible without actually killing the victims.

Parallel Foreclosure is the other weapon Obama is using to kill the "bitter" middle class.

And Parallel Foreclosure should be an impeachable offense.