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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chick-fil-A harasser gets fired by his employer

The person who taped himself harassing a Chik-fil-A employee on Aug. 1 has been fired by his employer.

“Vante regrets the unfortunate events that transpired yesterday in Tucson between our former CFO/Treasurer Adam Smith and an employee at Chick-fil-A,” reads a Aug. 2 company statement.

“Effective immediately, Mr. Smith is no longer an employee of our company,” the release from Vante, a biotech company, based in Tuscon, Ariz., continues.

Smith videotaped himself harassing the employee, who replied gracefully to his jibes about Chik-fil-A’s corporate support for popular conservative groups.

The “anti-gay breakfast sandwich always tastes better because it is full of hate,” Smith charged as he waited in his car to be served.

“Chik-fil-A is a hateful corporation. … The corporation gives money to hate-groups,” he told the employee.
He posted the video, prompting push-back from many viewers. (Continues)

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