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Monday, August 27, 2012

Warren Staffer Roughs Up Cameraman: ‘You’re Messing With the Wrong People’

The Weekly Standard is reporting that a staffer of Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, who claimed to be part-Cherokee because of family lore, roughed up a persistent cameraman this weekend in Martha’s Vineyard.

The clip begins with a recording of Warren and her staff walking to an SUV, before one of her aides turns on the cameraman, saying, “don’t f*cking…” as he slaps the camera to the ground.

The cameraman replies “wo-oah, really?” with surprise, as he picks up his recording device and continues to film the Warren staffer.

From there the two repeat, respectively, “it’s a public event“ and ”get out of my face” for about fifteen seconds until the unnamed staffer quietly warns: “You’re messing with the wrong people.” (Continues with video showing incident)

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