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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tone-deaf and arrogant Obama

Obama's pathetic political optics: Tone-deaf and arrogant. 
By Andrew Malcolm

 It's probably safe to surmise that if, as he did, Barack Obama bothered to set up a formal teleprompter in the manure-sprinkled dirt of a rodeo arena for remarks to a captive crowd back in 2008, he doesn't care much what people think.

To be sure, he and his sleeveless wife have followed that pattern consistently during their 1,344 days of White House residency with her mother. He launched a war against Libya without congressional approval, while he took his extended family around South America. Nine days later he consented to explain his military actions.

Obama took two months to talk to the country about its worst environmental disaster, the Gulf oil spill.

The Obamas entertained Hollywood celebrities at lavish White House parties while millions of Americans lost jobs, homes and hope during recovery-less Recovery Summers. While her husband urged Americans to vacation on the recovering Gulf Coast, Michelle Obama flew off to a luxury resort in Spain with numerous friends.

Like many in the 1%, Obama plays golf, 104 presidential rounds to be exact. But only Obama was Commander-in-Chief, presiding at one point over the conduct of three wars -- and the awful sacrifices by others involved in armed conflicts, while Obama lined up challenging putts.

But with a national election just six weeks from today, a voter verdict he so clearly is desperate to win, this guy has carried an oblivious insouciance to unparalleled heights -- or depths. (Continues)

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