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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New! Romney 50%, Obama 46% Among Likely Voters

The race for president is about tied among likely voters -- markedly different from 2008, when Barack Obama won by seven percentage points. Compared with 2008, support for Obama is down sharply among men, college graduates, and Southern voters.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Half of likely voters now prefer Mitt Romney for president and 46% back President Barack Obama in Gallup interviewing through Monday. (Continues)

Voters Equally Favorable to Romney, Obama

Favorable ratings among registered voters are 52% Romney, 51% Obama

by Jeffrey M. Jones
PRINCETON, NJ -- Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will enter Tuesday's debate with similar favorable ratings from U.S. registered voters. In fact, among the electorate, the two presidential candidates' favorable ratings have been almost identical since May, after Romney clinched the Republican nomination.

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