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Monday, November 12, 2012

Breaking! FBI agents inside home of Paula Broadwell

Federal agents are inside the home of the Charlotte author at the center of a scandal involving CIA Director David Petraeus, who resigned on Friday.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations confirms that it has agents inside Paula Broadwell's Dilworth home.

While agents on scene would not confirm what they were looking for, nearly a dozen agents were seen carrying boxes and taking photographs inside the home.

Paula Broadwell, the biographer who wrote a book about retired four-star general David Petraeus, 60, has not been seen at her Dilworth home since the news connecting her to an extramarital affair with Petraeus. (Continues)


6 FBI agents go into Broadwell home Monday 

On Monday night, six FBI agents initally pulled up to Paula Broadwell's house in three separate cars around 9 p.m. Roughly an hour later, several more agents arrived on scene.

Broadwell is the woman named as the past lover of David Petraeus.

The agents were all carrying briefcases, plastic tubs and a lot of cardboard boxes. The agents walked right inside the Broadwell home.

Eyewitness News confirmed that the agents work with the FBI and that they had keys to the home.

As the agents walked inside, they carried boxes and briefcases. The agents also took photographs outside of the house.

Eyewitness News noticed that they turned on the lights in nearly every room of the house.

No one has been in or out of the house until Monday night, but Broadwell has been in contact with friends and neighbors.

On Monday, Broadwell emailed neighbors saying that she will be laying low for a while with her family.

"She said the family is together and that they're doing ok and that they're at an undisclosed place," said neighbor Ed Williams. (Continues)

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