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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Noonan: ObamaCare is in a death spiral.

Congress right now has a historic chance—really, it could wind up in the history books next to the stopping of FDR's court-packing scheme in 1937—to hold back ObamaCare. Congress can delay it, or pass a law mandating or allowing insurance companies to continue insuring everyone they just threw off coverage. Heck, they could try to vote now, under new conditions and with the American people behind them, to repeal the whole thing.

And who knows, they just might.

A great deal is possible because the people are coming around to the Republican point of view on the program: They do not like it, do not trust it, do not believe it will make things better. The president got caught—and it's amazing he did it, because he must have known he'd be caught when the program debuted—dissembling, for three years, as he sold and attempted to popularize his program. In fact if your insurance isn't provided by an employer or the government, chances are pretty good you will soon lose your policy, your doctor, your premium price.

The White House is getting timorous. They're losing their usual braggadocio, their burly confidence that they can weather any storm. By now they've seen a lot of Titanic cartoons. By now they're wondering if that music they're hearing isn't "Nearer My God to Thee." The polls show less faith in the president, less trust.

What a fall, and how richly deserved. The administration didn't care enough to make sure the people of their country were protected. In the middle of a second Age of Anxiety they decided to make Americans more anxious. The next few weeks and months they'll continue to see the people's mighty wrath. (Continues)

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