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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Clinton: Obama and I Have Disagreements, but ‘Proud I Served with Him’

At a book signing today, Hillary Clinton briefly clarified her supposed criticisms of President Obama on foreign policy. But more importantly, she said she’s really looking forward to their all-important, world-changing hug to end all hugs in the grandness of space and time.

Clinton said she is “absolutely” looking forward to “hugging it out” with the president when they meet tonight at a private birthday party.

And as for whether Clinton has serious disagreements with Obama on foreign policy, this is all she had to say.
“We agree, we are committed to the values and the interests of the security of our country together. We have disagreements, as any partners and friends, as we are, might dry well have, but I’m proud that I served with him and for him.”

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