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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Daily News doubles down on endorsement of Clinton for President — it’s that important

"On Oct. 20, the Daily News Editorial Board published the longest editorial in its 97-year history - a call for burying Trump in a landslide. We needed 7,500 words to document his unfitness for the presidency as an ignorant and divisive "liar, thief, bully, hypocrite, sexual victimizer and unhinged, self-adoring demagogue."

The Daily News again extends its wholehearted endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

We do so with faith that Clinton would be a transformative leader for the good, far beyond making history as the first female President.

And we do so with fact-based, fearful conviction that Donald Trump would lead a nation divided against itself, with catastrophic consequences at home and abroad.

Lost in a campaign distorted by Trump's ego-driven demagoguery is the indisputable truth that Clinton's instincts, skills and programs are an excellent match for the challenges of a uniquely frightening American moment.

We are a country at war. The 50 states are united in rage. The 320 million people of this land tear at one another in a battle to reclaim their destiny from a government that, put bluntly, screwed them on a bipartisan basis.

Almost an entire American generation has been born since the country last had a semblance of responsive, responsible governing. Instead, Democrats and Republicans alike have exhausted the nation in stalemates over symbols and dogma.  (Continues)

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