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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Next 2 years put aside personal differences. Focus on Democrats taking back Congress in 2018!

Reality tells us the only way to ensure we stop Trump in the long run, unless he is impeached, is to elect a Democratic Congress in 2018. We can and should continue to march and protest but that must lead to organizing and electing Democrats. The first step is ensuring we keep the Virginia governorship and retake the governor’s office in New Jersey in 2017.

To do this we need to stop fighting each other and one way to do that is to stop demanding perfection in our candidates. That is what led to the election of Donald Trump. The Susan Sarandon’s and Ralph Nader’s of the world who by their stupidity and short-sightedness supported third party candidates must take some responsibility for Trump being in the White House. Sarandon had the unmitigated gall to tweet after the women’s march telling Cher to keep protesting after she told everyone she thinks Clinton is more dangerous than Trump.

For the next two years we need to get all Democrats and Independent voters who lean Democratic to eschew voting for any third Party candidate if we are to take back the Congress in 2018. Let us accept a Democrat who can win in Mississippi will not run with a focus on the same issues as a Democratic candidate running in New York City. But we need to recognize even the most imperfect Democrat, at least imperfect according to a progressive from an ultra-blue state, once elected to Congress will cast their first vote for a Democratic Speaker of the House or a Democratic Majority Leader in the Senate. That will give Democrats control of the agenda and committees and is the only way we will stop Trump and his Rasputin, Steve Bannon.

That has to be our goal for 2018. We need to stop the internecine fights in order to do that. Blowhards like Michael Moore who is calling for a political revolution and spoke at the Women’s March on Washington, before they cut his mic off, saying he will help primary already elected Democrats he doesn’t agree with will only help Republicans win in marginal Districts.  (Continues @ HuffPost)

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