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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gov. Bill Richardson on health care:'I'm personally very concerned about the cost issue"

'I'm personally very concerned about the cost issue," said New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, referring to Congress' health-care plans. It's "the mother of all unfunded mandates," fumed Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen.
That's just the Democratic governors. Indeed, nearly everone from both parties at last weekend's National Governors Association conference was sounding alarms, fretting that the states will be stuck with much of the bill for "reform."
Welcome aboard, governors. With each passing day, it seems, another voice is heard from. Last week, the Congressional Budget Office warned that reforms would fuel government costs.
The governors, in particular, fear that their states will be forced to pay for an expansion of Medicaid meant to help achieve universal health-care coverage -- even as they sweat out their existing budget woes. Indeed, their cash pinch will only grow tighter as federal stimulus money dries up over the next few years.
Which is one reason why six leading senators -- four of them Democrats -- yesterday called on President Obama to drop his hell-bent-for-leather timetable and take a 70-day timeout, to forge a bipartisan consensus.
And why a new ABC News-Washington Post poll shows public approval of Obama's handling of health care has plummeted -- from 57-29 percent positive in April to 49-44 percent. (continues here at NY Post)

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