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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

White House delayed mid-year budget review and GITMO key report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As unemployment rises and economic forecasts sour, the White House has delayed until August the release of its mid-year budget review, which is likely to include a revised projection of the 2009 deficit.
The review, a regular update of the executive branch's outlook for the U.S. fiscal picture, is normally published in July, but officials said it had been rescheduled because of delays typical in years when a new president has taken office.
Republicans accused President Barack Obama's Democratic administration, which is urging Congress to pass a costly overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system, of sidelining bad news on budget deficits until after lawmakers leave Washington for their August recess. (continues here)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A key report ordered by U.S. President Barack Obama as part of his effort to close the internationally condemned Guantanamo prison will be delayed six months, but officials insisted on Monday they were still on track to shut it down by January.
Amid divisions between the administration and lawmakers over the fate of Guantanamo inmates, Obama aides said a task force crafting a new policy on terrorism detainees would miss its Tuesday deadline for offering its full recommendations. (continues here..)

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