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Monday, October 25, 2010

Latino ad on Barbara Boxer: You're no friend

A conservative Latino group took to the airwaves on Monday with a tough message for California Sen. Barbara Boxer: You’re no friend of ours.

It’s the fourth radio ad the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles is running through Election Day in support of Republican challenger Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard chief.

The ads, airing on Spanish-language stations in central and southern California, hit the three-term Democratic senator for her liberal record on social issues and for failing to advance broad immigration reform.

“Barbara Boxer is not a friend of Latinos. In fact, she has worked against the values Latinos hold sacred. She helped defeat the bipartisan immigration reform bill of 2007, and Boxer opposes a guest worker program. And she has fought to expand abortion and legalize same sex marriage,” says an English translation of the latest ad.

“On Nov. 2, vote for a senator who truly values Latinos and who shares Latino values. Vote for a senator who will defend marriage, who will protect the unborn and will work to fix our broken immigration system. On Nov. 2, vote your values. Vote Carly Fiorina.” (Continues here)

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Brittanicus said...

A warning of what Senator Harry Reid has in store for us, if he is reelected? An AMNESTY--for 13 to 20 million illegal aliens, with a price tag of 2.6 Trillion dollars to process each individual and subsidize their welfare programs, according to the Heritage Foundation. They send approximately $60 billion annually out of the country to their families, plus an estimate $113 billion dollars at the local level of government for public benefits. Harry Reid voted to continuously fund Sanctuary cities and States, so did Senator Barbara Boxer of California. Harry Reid and the majority of democrats crashed American-English as the recognized language of this country, and voted for illegal aliens to participate in our wilting Social Security System. Senator Reid, Boxer and the largest proportion of Lib-Democrats voted equally, to what top Democrats wanted every time. This is sheer madness when his Nevada has the largest proportion of jobless Americans, the highest rate of bankruptcies and home foreclosures. Another fact is that Reid voted yes, to continue public entitlements, including unemployment benefits to foreign nationals.

He must have turned senile when he states that there are no illegal aliens in Nevada, which is currently slipping into insolvency. In the last ten years Dem-Libs have failed to complete the real paired fence along the length of the border with Mexico, but sued Arizona for trying to defend its citizens from overflow of monetary illegal aliens, criminals and even foreign grown terrorists. Senator Reid, along with Barbara Boxer challenged E-Verify, the local policing law 287 (G) yet pushing to award tuition to children of illegal aliens for a college and state universities education, when American students cannot even afford the escalating fees. GOOGLE--"On the issues" website, and then decide your voting preference. In addition GOOGLE—illegal alien costs. I'm a Tea Party Blogger, Independent voter and will be watchful of organizations canvassers’ similar to ACORN, which registered illegal aliens to vote, as well as deceased people and even fictitious people living in vacant lots. GOOGLE--Voter fraud, it's a crime against US citizens and naturalized Americans. Incidentally Tea Party people do not genuflect to either party and are strongly opposed to either ideologies.