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Monday, October 25, 2010

Obama is in Political mess in Rhode Island

President Barack Obama’s decision not to endorse the Democratic gubernatorial candidate here turned a routine campaign stop Monday into a political headache, complete with the candidate telling Obama to "shove it."

Putting personal loyalty before party politics, Obama decided not to endorse Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Frank Caprio, who represents the party’s best chance to seize an office Republicans have held for 16 years, and casting a shadow over the president’s first visit to the state since taking office. The non-endorsement, however, has been viewed as tacit Obama support for former Sen. Lincoln Chafee, an independent candidate who is running neck-and-neck with Caprio in a three-way race.

The presidential snub left Caprio fuming on a talk-radio show that Obama can take his endorsement and “shove it” – one of the harshest insults Obama has faced from a candidate all year. The candidate was a no-show when the president toured a local factory here, even though he had been invited by the White House. And instead of going to the two presidential-headlined Democratic fundraisers, Caprio spent the day doing his own tour of small businesses.

But the non-endorsement also triggered an outburst from the Democratic Governors Association, and left the White House seeking cover from the friendly fire. (Continues here)

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