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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: What Palin believes and why

Sarah Palin has read the writings of such intellectual giants as Milton Friedman, Alexis de Tocqueville and Whittaker Chambers and such historical leaders as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

In "America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and the Flag," she cites the published letters between John and Abigail Adams in this nation's infancy as well as the speech of Calvin Coolidge (probably one of America's most underrated presidents) on the occasion of this nation's 150th birthday.

Beyond that, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee - recently in USA Today - offered us her insight regarding Iran's nuclear capabilities and ambitions.

The former Alaska governor's second best-seller brims with historically significant details (many not widely known). Moreover, she discusses at length in well-ordered terminology who she is, what she believes, why she believes it and why she pursues her very public path whether or not she ultimately joins the presidential sweepstakes 2012.
As of this writing, it is likely that Mrs. Palin has not decided if she will seek the Republican nomination next year. Recall that she resigned as governor of Alaska only because her enemies, through frivolous lawsuits, made it impossible for her to govern. Such abuse of the legal system would be far more difficult if she were president.

As the author of this philosophical tell-all ponders a run next year, she writes about how she was badgered with questions as to how she would "balance" family life with White House responsibilities if she were to attain that higher station.

"They really don't get it," she writes. "I really don't 'balance' anything. We [the family] do it together. And if we had won, we would have done the White House like we have done everything else as a team. And by the way, Ms. Reporter, I assume you're asking all male candidates the same question." (Continues here)

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Janis said...

I'd disagree with her statement that modern feminism thinks of as real woman as a liberal one. Modern feminists left Hillary to flap in the breeze, too.

Modern feminism thinks of a real woman as a fluffer of liberal men. A handmaiden to the Democratic power structure. If you are a conservative, you're not a real woman, but you also aren't a real woman if you are a liberal WHO WANTS POWER YOURSELF instead of working on behalf of some Cute Liberal Dream Boyfriend.