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Friday, January 14, 2011

CNN, No bias, no bull? Watch Cafferty's take on Palin's words & Wolf's response.

After asking, Cafferty read some of his viewers replies and all agreed with him as well as anchor Wolf Blitzer:

Jeff in Hawaii: 'Caribou Barbie is a simple-minded, hateful, money-grubbing, vindictive liar. (laughs) In the past two years, she has consistently shown her true colors through her rhetoric, whether it was death panels; don't retreat, reload; or her current hoof in mouth, blood libel statement. She has never been, nor she ever will be a viable option for president.'

Cory writes, 'If the American voters choose to elect a person with such a lack of compassion, intelligence, et cetera, we'll be in serious trouble. We need leaders who are smarter than a 5th grader.'

Carla writes, 'Palin's a typical reality show in the flesh- all show, very little reality. The woman will find a way to insert herself into any situation, no matter how tragic, and use it as a vehicle to promote herself. One can't serve self and the people of this country simultaneously. Sadly, she has no grasp of this, and not knowing the meaning of the term 'blood libel before using it in a public speech is inexcusable.'

Ray writes, 'This was just one more example, maybe the 50th, of Palin pontificating in a protected, unchallenged vacuum. She has proven both her inability to participate in public discourse and discussions and to think or speak independently of her advisers and speech writers, who are clearly doing her no favors.'

Jacqui in Illinois writes, 'It's despicable she uses this time of national grief to turn the spotlight on herself, but moreso, that she uses the term blood libel in her discourse. Too bad she didn't look it up on Wikipedia. Too bad her advisers didn't do so, as well. Palin in 2012? Even hard-core Republican conservatives aren't that dumb. She stepped way over the line this time, and even her fellow Alaskans cringe at her ignorance.'

Dave in Utah: 'Obama: it's all about us. Palin: it's all about me.'

And Terry writes: 'I don't agree with you a lot of times, but this time, I think you are 100 percent right on.'

If you want to read more on the subject, we got thousands of e- mails on this-

BLITZER: Thousands?

CAFFERTY: Go to my blog at

BLITZER: Thousands?

CAFFERTY: Thousands.

BLITZER: And were most of them very critical of Sarah Palin or was it sort of balanced?

CAFFERTY: No, they weren't balanced at all. It was overwhelmingly negative, probably- I mean, I didn't read 2,500 e- mails in the last half hour, but I read a couple of hundred, and I didn't see probably three that were supportive.

BLITZER: Wow. But the question remains, at what point do you think Republicans, especially those who want to try to get the Republican presidential nomination, will try to distance themselves from Sarah Palin?

CAFFERTY: I think this is a turning point. I think- you know, if you watched that tape, a couple of things occur to me. One, she didn't write it, and two, this absolute lack of awareness of the historical significance of that phrase, 'blood libel,' is offensive to civilized and intelligent folks, and I would think that civilized, intelligent Republicans will react accordingly.

BLITZER: I suspect you might be right. I think they'll be getting- she'll be getting some heat, as she always does from Democrats and the liberals, but she might be getting some heat from some Republicans, as well.

CAFFERTY: I think so.

BLITZER: We'll see what happens, Jack. Thanks very much.

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