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Thursday, January 13, 2011

New: Loughner absolutely loved the punk band Anti-Flag & film called “Zeitgeist”

There is news on this front to report now. Interesting news. According to those who know the suspect, we now know that Jared Lee Loughner (must it always be three names?) absolutely loved the punk band Anti-Flag. The Incredible Shrinking L.A. Times informs us, that Anti-Flag is a ”radical leftist punk band whose music focuses on themes of corporate greed, U.S. foreign policy and opposition to war.” We’ve also been told that Loughner was “driven over the edge “by a film called “Zeitgeist” – a conspiracy theory documentary that touched on subjects as diverse as 9/11, currency, and religion.

Who I’d really like to hear from on this, though, are Michael Moore and Elizabeth Banks and the rest of the Hollywood 8. Five days ago they believed something as innocuous as a standard political map drove this man to murder. Five days ago they believed political rhetoric from the Right put a gun in this man’s hand. Okay… Now that we know for a fact exactly what political images and words Loughner was exposed to, what say them now?
Time to “watch what we say” in documentary films, Mr. Moore? Time to “watch what we sing,” John Legend?

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