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Saturday, February 25, 2012

McCain: Attacks on Palin ‘Unrelenting, Merciless’

Former GOP presidential nominee John McCain lashed out at the “unrelenting, merciless attacks” on his former running mate, Sarah Palin, in an exclusive interview evening with Newsmax.TV. He also fired opinions on President Barack Obama's Quran burning apology, lagging solidarity with Israel, aiding the Syrian rebels, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's immigration reform.

“The unrelenting merciless attacks by the liberal left on Sarah Palin since the day she was the nominee for vice president of the United States is something that continues to confound and frankly sadden me because it just doesn’t stop,” declared McCain in the wide-ranging interview.

The Arizona senator was reacting to the release of 34,820 pages of emails this week from Palin’s time as governor of Alaska — at times candid communications that reveal Palin’s growing frustration as she faced an onslaught of legal and ethics challenges by critics.

“She is a fine and wonderful person. She was a good governor of the state of Alaska,” insisted McCain. “I will always treasure her friendship and the fact is she galvanized our party. She beat Joe Biden in a debate and yet the attacks on her continued from the liberal left, particularly the feminists. I’ll never understand it.”  (Full story)

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suzyque said...

Too bad the impotent, spineless weasel couldn't have defended her when she was pulling him out of obscurity in 08..... Too little, too late LITTLE MAN!