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Friday, May 25, 2012

So Michelle wants to be Beyonce? On Obama: “Sometimes I can’t get him to stop singing,”

If first lady Michelle Obama could be anyone else, she would be Beyonce.
"It looks like musicians just have the most fun," Obama told People magazine in an interview that hit newsstands on Friday.

Obama and the music superstar praised each other as role models last month when Beyonce posted a handwritten letter to Obama on her website that called her “the ULTIMATE example of a truly strong African American woman.”

But the first lady also admitted that she doesn't have the musical chops of her husband, who memorably sang a line of Al Green's "Let's stay together" at a fundraiser in New York City earlier this year.

“Sometimes I can’t get him to stop singing,” Michelle Obama said of the president. “He loves it in the shower in the morning, sings to the kids. But it’s not a song. He’ll sing one line of something romantic or cute.”

The first lady said if she had the musical talent Beyonce has, she would absolutely want to be "some great singer" in another life. (Continues)

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