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Saturday, August 4, 2012

LV Review Journal: This flies in the face of Mr. Obama's stated intentions.

Like the weather, everybody talks about onerous government red tape, but nobody does anything about it.

Or do they?

On Thursday, House Republicans pushed through a measure taking aim at federal regulations, arguing that unelected bureaucrats impose too many burdens on the nation's businesses, thus hindering economic recovery.

The legislation would freeze many new regulations across the board until the unemployment rate - now at 8.2 percent - falls below 6 percent.

The bill dovetails with another proposal approved by the House last December that gives Congress more authority to approve or reject major regulations issued by executive branch agencies.

These are both excellent proposals. But will Democratic Senate leaders allow votes in the upper chamber? If not, they should explain themselves to the nation's struggling small business owners. (Continues)

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