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Friday, August 3, 2012

Romney calls for delay on spending cuts

Via the AP:

"Mitt Romney says Congress and the president should delay looming cuts in military and domestic spending for at least one year.

The Republican presidential contender said Friday during a campaign trip to Las Vegas that the cuts would be "terrible," particularly for the military.

Congress approved the cuts as part of a deal to reduce the deficit. They were designed to help lawmakers come up with a better plan. But that didn't happen - so the cuts are scheduled to go into effect next year.

Romney says he wants President Barack Obama and lawmakers to work together to put, in his words, "a year's runway," in place to give the next president time to reform the tax system and ensure the military's needs are met."

This is an issue that could play out well for Romney in certain swing states if he keeps hitting it. And Romney has been offering up a retooled stump speech over the past two days that is a bit softer in terms of rhetoric.  (Continues)

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