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Monday, October 29, 2012

Latest Ohio poll says it's a Tie!

There’s “Mittmentum” in the Buckeye State.

A new poll shows that President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are tied in the state that is being viewed as most critical to the presidency: Ohio.

Both candidates are at 49 percent, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer/Ohio News Organization poll.

The survey is bad news for Obama, who collected 51 percent of the poll’s survey last month and had consistently been the leader in earlier polls.

“Absent any more twists and turns, a remarkable presidential campaign may end with the campaign that executes the best ground game, narrowly delivering Ohio for the next president of the United States,” Eric Rademacher, co-director of the University of Cincinnati’s Institute for Policy Research, said in a report announcing the poll results. (Continues)

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