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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Latest Romney Endorsements

Cincinnati Enquirer presidential endorsement: Mitt Romney

The No.1 issue in our region and our nation today is how to recharge our economy and get more people working in good-paying jobs.
President Barack Obama has had four years to overcome the job losses of the Great Recession he inherited, but the recovery has been too slow and too weak. It’s time for new leadership from Mitt Romney, a governor and business leader with a record of solving problems. (Continues)

Green Bay Press-Gazette  endorsement: We recommend Romney for president

Four years ago, when Barack Obama was elected president, he campaigned on a message of hope and change.
Many hoped he could bring change for a nation weary of two wars, a nation beset by a mortgage crisis and Wall Street scandal, and, most importantly, a nation whose economic future was so uncertain that massive government bailouts were needed.

However, four years later, the economy hasn’t rebounded.  (Continues)

Illinois Daily Herald 

...we endorse Romney because he, unlike Obama, understands that jobs are a creation of business, not of government. And that to encourage job growth, we need policies that incent business to grow and provide it with a stable environment for that growth.
In the end, we need moderation, not ideology, to facilitate an economic recovery. It is the central issue that affects us all.

As the voice of the suburbs, we always have embraced this free enterprise philosophy as a bedrock of our principles. We view ourselves as independent, fiscally conservative, socially progressive, an advocate always for individual liberty. The Mitt Romney who governed Massachusetts governed it for the most part on those core beliefs as well. 

A moderate Republican Mitt Romney offers a new approach to what we all can embrace — the politics of hope, of working together for the common good. This time, we believe he offers the best hope for all Americans.

Mitt Romney for president.   (Full Story)

Romney wins surprise endorsement from Iowa’s Des Moines Register

Iowa’s Des Moines Register newspaper endorsed Mitt Romney on Saturday, marking the first time the paper has endorsed a Republican for president in 40 years. (Continues)

Sun Sentinel endorses Mitt Romney for president

Detroit paper thanks Obama for auto bailout, endorses Romney 

Progressive Orlando Sentinel Endorses Romney

Romney’s newspaper supporters:  

The Dallas Morning News, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Orlando Sentinel, The Omaha World-Herald, and The [Nashville] Tennessean. Their total circulation is 1,053,356. Two of Romney’s backers – the Orlando and Nashville newspapers – endorsed Obama four years ago.

Obama’s Hometown Jewish Newspaper Endorses Romney

Romney picks up newspaper endorsements

(CNN) – Republican nominee Mitt Romney picked up a number of newspaper endorsements Sunday for his 2012 bid for the White House - a couple of them in major battleground states.
The Tampa Tribune and The Columbus Dispatch, in the key swing states of Florida and Ohio, recommended voting for the Republican candidate. The Fort Worth, Texas, Star-Telegram, The Arizona Republic, and the Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Tribune-Review also announced their support for Romney on Sunday.

Romney leads Obama in Swing State newspaper endorsements

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