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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scalia on Obamacare: ‘I Was Disappointed’ With John Roberts

For months he's bobbed and weaved questions about a rift with Chief Justice John Roberts, and now Associate Justice Antonin Scalia is finally conceding that he was disappointed with Roberts' decision to uphold most of Obamacare last year.

"I was disappointed it came out the way it did," he said, the first time he expressed his displeasure with the surprise Roberts decision.

But he said Tuesday night during an address to Smithsonian supporters, "I don't work for him, and he doesn't work for me."

Many conservatives thought Roberts would strike Obama down and there were reports he changed his mind at the last minute. After the decision, there were several reports that Scalia was feuding with Roberts, but he's denied that.

"Have you ever heard the expression, 'Win some lose some?' That's life and just be resigned to it. Yeah, I am greatly disappointed when I can't persuade a majority of my colleagues," said Scalia, "but that's life, that's the system we have, that's why we have nine justices instead of one. I'm disappointed, but I stumble on." (Source)

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