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Friday, February 12, 2016

They should have brought a third podium for Obama....

There were only two Democrats on the debate stage in Milwaukee on Thursday night, but they should have brought a third podium for President Obama.
Coming back from a landslide defeat in the New Hampshire primary, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doggedly criticized Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on areas where he’d split with Obama while duct-taping herself to the President’s legacy on issues as varied as foreign policy, health care and Wall Street.
In ways sizable and subtle, Clinton sought on Thursday to show she was the faithful heir of the President’s legacy, repeating his name more than 15 times throughout the debate. The Democratic Party as a whole, while largely approving of the President’s performance, has shown some fissures in recent years as liberals have expressed dissatisfaction with growing levels of income inequality and the influence of money on politics. (Full Story)

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