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Thursday, March 31, 2016

CNN commentator: Dear women who love Trump: Ditch this guy

(CNN)Dear Jane,
I wanted to write you a letter about a guy you like.

Normally I wouldn't say a thing. It's really none of my business who you like and why you like him.

But as women, I feel like we owe it to each other to say something when one of us is falling for someone who might hurt her. Most of us have met at least one of these guys before, the kind who pretends to be one thing in the honeymoon phase but turns into a complete nightmare once you're committed.

I get it. I liked him, too, when he first hit the scene in July. It was easy to understand his appeal.
He was so exciting, refreshing and fun.

I was immediately won over by his professional accomplishments. Admittedly, plenty of women give men a pass when they make a lot of money, hold positions of power or act macho. I liked it how Donald "mixed things up," particularly after all those boring conservative guys you've liked in the last eight years.

I could tell you were having a lot of fun. More fun than you've had in years; it was fun for us all for a while. He was so unpredictable and charming, definitely the life of the party.
But as we got to know him, and he started saying some pretty offensive things about just about everyone he didn't like, it got kinda old -- kinda fast. And when other people came to your defense saying they were worried about how he treated other women, well, he attacked them. And it's only gotten worse, Jane.

On Wednesday he said women who had illegal abortions under a Trump presidency should be punished by law -- but he hadn't thought up the penalty yet. You are kidding me.
When conservatives called him out on it, he completely changed his story, calling women who get abortions "victims" and saying doctors who perform abortions should be punished by law instead. 

And this week one of his senior people was charged with misdemeanor simple battery against a woman reporter. The whole thing is on tape, but he's still defending the guy. It seems like every week he is obsessively attacking a woman who's just doing her job. I know he hates his opponent Ted, but why attack his wife? She didn't do anything to him.

Jane, are you prepared for the reality that he will turn on you? He turned on his first two wives. He seems to hate women who challenge him. Are you ready for this?

So I checked into his past with women, and I was really surprised by what I found.

It wasn't just the recent stuff, which you've got to admit has been weird. Why does a guy that successful refer to women as "bimbos," "fat pigs," "dogs," "slobs," "disgusting animals" and "total losers"?  (Much More at CNN)

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